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Color Concrete

Integral color is the best way to add style to any project. It is a liquid pigment that is mixed throughout the concrete to add color for long term durability. Integral color has a number of applications including, driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, garage floors, and retaining walls. If you have a special color in mind, bring it in and we can get it matched. Our color is measured to within .02 lbs per yard to ensure that every yard looks uniform.

If you do not see a color you like or are familiar with another manufacturer, please let us know. We can make most manufacturer’s color with over 600 formulas. If you have a specialty color, contact your sales representative and we can color match any swatch.

Helpful Tips

  • Concrete should be placed over a properly placed and compacted sub-grade.
  • Use a minimum of 470 pounds per cubic yard of cement in mix.
  • Use a moderate slump and keep slumps consistent on multiple truck orders.
  • Do not finish until all bleed water is evaporated.
  • Use same finishing techniques over entire job.
  • Do not add water to surface of concrete.
  • Make sure in hot conditions to have enough manpower.
  • Cure concrete with liquid membrane (cure and seal) only. Curing is essential to concrete.

Color-Crete Designer Integral Color for Concrete

(Colors are representative. Actual color may vary)